About us

SmartCitiesArabia.com is the region’s first dedicated news portal for smart cities, and the online presence for ITP’s SmartCities Arabia publication. SmartCities Arabia.com aims to be the leading source of information on the latest national, regional and global developments in smart cities and related topics.

SmartCities Arabia is the Middle East’s first publication dedicated to smart cities and the digital transformation of the urban environment. Around the world, and especially in the Arabian Gulf, the smart city revolution is well underway, as every aspect of our cities become connected. From smart buildings to autonomous transport, intelligent power grids to adaptive street lighting, our cities are being changed forever through advanced technology.

SmartCities Arabia is a multi-sector, multi-channel publication, which addresses a wide range of decision makers and professionals from across the entire smart city ecosystem, including: ministries, municipalities, and other government agencies; ICT and telecoms; architecture, design and construction; utilities; civil defence and law enforcement, NGO’s and academia. With comprehensive print and online coverage across both the local and international smart city landscape, SmartCities Arabia is set to become an essential resource for anyone with a professional interest in the digital transformation of the urban environment.