May 27, 2019
Chinese telecom giant aiming to work with more cities in Africa on smart, sustainable projects
Huawei targeting smart cities in Africa
May 23, 2019
Company plans further reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and expansion of carbon offset projects
LG commits to carbon neutrality by 2030
May 23, 2019
ASA Ventures joins blockchain investment company IBC Group in plan to introduce sukuk tokens for property in the UAE and More...
Dubai firm plans sukuk tokens to invest in UAE real estate assets
May 22, 2019
Home stay booking and travel platform now available in Arabic
Airbnb launches in Arabic
May 22, 2019
Construction group ASGC is deploying new technology to build some the UAE's smartest new buildings
ASGC: The Smart Contractor
May 22, 2019
Shareholder group will vote on telling Amazon to stop selling facial recognition technology to police
Amazon shareholders vote on ban on selling face recognition to police
May 22, 2019
UAE developer arranges Islamic financing from Mashreq Bank to contribute to smart city and residential projects
Arada secures AED 1 billion in loans to finance Aljada smart city and Nasma Residences
May 21, 2019
Greater integration between HP devices and platform, and Siemens industrial software will enhance high volume quality additive manufacturing
Siemens and HP expand their 3D printing collaboration
May 20, 2019
Feed Algae to create one of the world's largest algea farms in the Sultanate
UK company planning $440m algae farm in Oman
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