Volara and Schneider partner for voice-controlled hotel systems

Volara and Schneider Electric partner to develop voice-activated guest room systems

The partnership will enable hotel's to intergate their control systems with voice assistant platforms such as Amazon's Alexa.
The partnership will enable hotel's to intergate their control systems with voice assistant platforms such as Amazon's Alexa.

Hotel guests will soon be able control room functions through voice, following a collaboration between Volara and Schneider Electric.

The two companies have formed a partnership to combine their automation and voice technology to develop solutions for guests to manage room functions and controls through popular platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

Volara, a specialist in voice-based conversation management software for the hospitality, will work with Schneider to develop voice-activated controls for functions such as lighting, thermostat, curtains, sheers, make-up-room, and do-not-disturb features.

The partnership has already developed an API to connect Schneider Electric’s room controls to Volara’s cloud software solution. Volara’s voice solutions already allow guests to make service requests to hotel staff via voice, and the integration with room controls is intended to further enhance the guest experience.

“Our hotel customers need to move at the speed of the guest,” said Shovan Sengupta, Schneider’s global vice president, hotel segment. “Guest expectations, mostly driven by Millennials, are soaring due in part to the expansive adoption of connected home technologies. Guests expect the hotel environment to be the same as, or better than, home. They want a digital, frictionless experience, and voice control is quickly becoming part of that experience.

“Our collaboration with Volara enables us to deliver the technology solutions that hotels need to ensure exceptional guest satisfaction. Now when our customers request voice driven room controls, we can respond instantly with a robust, scalable solution.”

Dave Berger, CEO of Volara added: “This integration delivers a seamless experience that is engaging, modern, frictionless and fun from the moment a guest opens the door to their room.

“Together we are extending the at-home experience to the hotel room by enabling interactions on voice command that are really cool and flexible. For example, through the Volara - Schneider Electric integration, a guest can change room temperature just by saying, ‘Alexa, tell the hotel I’m too cold’ or put up a do not disturb sign with ‘Alexa, tell the hotel I’m going to sleep.’  A guest can request a room cleaning by saying ‘Alexa, ask the hotel to tidy my room’ or control the curtains by saying ‘Alexa, tell the hotel to open (or close) the curtains.’

“By integrating the Volara-powered voice assistant with Schneider Electric guest room controls, hotels will be delivering contextually relevant, totally awesome, conversational experiences at scale,” Berger said. “We are delighted to be working with this global energy powerhouse. Soon Volara will be advising their customers on the selection of the voice technologies best suited for each property and managing their voice interactions.”

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