Summertown Interiors offering free LEED certification

Fit-out contractor offering free LEED or its own eco certification in bid for sustainable projects

Summertown Interiors is aiming for 100% sustainable projects for its clients, says Bish.
Summertown Interiors is aiming for 100% sustainable projects for its clients, says Bish.

Office fit out contractor Summertown Interiors is offering free LEED certification for projects over 2,000 sqm.

The UAE-based company will offer clients LEED-certified level certification free of cost, with the option of silver, gold or platinum level certification at a surcharge.

LEED is the most widely used green building rating system, and a global framework for creating efficient and healthy green interiors and buildings. Summertown will also assist clients seeking certification under the WELL Building Standard and other external sustainability accreditations if requested.

For projects under 2,000 sqm, Summertown has developed its own ECO-Sustainable Summertown Interior Certification (ECO-SSI), which will also be offered free of charge.

The ECO-SSI is based on six criteria, comparable to the global LEED principles: procurement, health and safety, process, waste, energy and water efficiency and innovation. These criteria act as a framework to create sustainable, healthy workplaces that enhance employee happiness and productivity.

The company said that free certification supports its goal of delivering ‘100% sustainable projects’ as part of its new ‘JOURNEY 2030’ sustainability ambitions.

Marcos Bish, managing director at Summertown Interiors commented: “We have worked hard over the last 10 years to embed sustainability into every aspect of our business and provide green workplace solutions. Under our JOURNEY2030 sustainability goals we are proud that we can now offer all our clients either our own green standard known as ECO-SSI or free LEED certified level certification. In doing so, we hope to increase the number of sustainable commercial projects in the UAE and deliver workplaces that enhance employee health and happiness, are environmentally friendly and result in operational savings.”

Summertown’s ‘JOURNEY2030’ Sustainability Goals consists of three 2030 ambitions – to deliver 100% sustainable projects, improve workplace happiness and well-being, and achieve zero company waste to landfill. Each measurable goal is aligned to one of the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) and the UAE’s sustainable development programme.

Bish added: “By aiming to have all Summertown projects meet externally accredited green and sustainability standards by 2030, we are doing our part to make the cities of the UAE resilient and sustainable - aligning with the UN’s SDG 11. More sustainable workplaces also mean we are contributing to combating climate change and stemming its impact – under the UN’s SDG 13.”

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