Siemens to provide smart transformers to Egyptian grid

Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company to roll out Siemen's Sensformer transformers to gain better data on grid

Siemens will supply 14 Sensformers to go online by May 2020.
Siemens will supply 14 Sensformers to go online by May 2020.

The Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) will roll out 14 digital power transformers from Siemens to help create the country’s smart grid.

EETC has signed an agreement with Siemens for supply of the Sensformer digital transformer, which will enhance the reliability and efficiency of power supply in a high load area in northern Egypt.

The Sensformers will also act as information hubs for EETC, providing data through a cloud-based application to give data and visualisation of performance and status of the network.

Sensformer is also equipped with an IoT gateway to provide direct real-time measurements of oil level, top oil temperature, low voltage winding as well as GPS location. All the data generated by the sensors are then transmitted to the cloud via the Sensformer connectivity device, using the standard GSM communications or via the Ethernet.

“As a result of Egypt’s energy transition, the demands placed on our grid infrastructure are continually increasing,” said Sabah Meshaly, Chairman of EETC. “Digitalization of key elements in power grid infrastructure, such as transformers, can certainly help optimize energy distribution and reduce electricity losses.”

Under the agreement, Siemens will supply 14 Sensformers. This includes engineering, design, fabrication, supervision of the erection of power transformers, site management, testing along with the commissioning services on a turnkey basis. To further support EETC’s priorities to ramp up capacity, the two companies have agreed to work on a fast-track work schedule to complete the project by May 2020.

 “The power industry is currently undergoing significant change with the evolution of energy networks into a decentralized, decarbonized and digitalized systems. Our intelligent transformers pave the way for the Internet of Energy,” said Rafiq Hussain, Senior Vice President, Siemens Transmission Products in the Middle East. “With this contract, we’re excited to build on our long-standing partnership with the EETC in Egypt. And, we remain committed to enabling all our customers across the region to manage this new electricity landscape and build the power grid of the future.”

Deploying the new power infrastructure will support Egypt’s efforts to increase grid capacity, integrate renewables and accommodate cross-border electricity flows.

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