Schneider Electric increases sustainability goals for 2020

Company increases targets set in 2018 after strong performance on sustainability issues

Schneider Electric extends its sustainability efforts to customers and partners.
Schneider Electric extends its sustainability efforts to customers and partners.

Schneider Electric has announced a revision of its companywide sustainability goals, to more ambitious targets for 2020.

The company set sustainability targets and other goals for 2020 in 2018, but has revised them upwards in light of strong performance so far.

The company has established 21 goals to be reached globally by 2020 around critical themes for sustainability. Thru a dashboard called Schneider Sustainability Impact, the company has followed a clear action plan for nearly 15 years. This plan is based on a long-term 2050 vision, with tangible deliverables updated every three years, which results are announced with the financial results in a quarterly basis by the CEO and the CFO. 

"In 2018, we performed well on the 21 objectives of the Schneider Sustainability Impact. As a result of our success, we decided to raise our goals and accelerate our work on key challenges, including climate change, biodiversity, development, and health” said Gilles Vermot Desroches, Chief Sustainability Officer, Schneider Electric.

Schneider also highlights in the Sustainability Report, how the company initiatives can also benefit its customers to build a business case for sustainability.

Among the new targets for Schneider Electric is 120 million metric tons of CO2 saved by customers from EcoStruxure offers, up from 100 million; 120,000 metric tons of avoided primary resource consumption through EcoFit, recycling and take-back programs, up from 100,000 metric tons; and 75% of global sales under its new Green Premium program. The company also increased targets for volunteering, staff training and accident prevention, among others.

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