Public Safety

May 23, 2019
Students from HCT used SAS data analytics to analyse traffic incident data
SAS and HCT hold hackathon using real world data from Dubai Pulse
May 23, 2019
Roads & Transport Authority and TATA to launch three month project to monitor driver behaviour
RTA and TATA to conduct driver monitoring in Dubai
May 15, 2019
City leaders votes to ban use of face recognition and control use of new surveillance technology by local government agencies
San Francisco bans facial recognition technology
May 08, 2019
Project will deliver ongoing mapping of UK's streets and road assets for use by utilities, transport and more
Mobileye and OS creating detailed map and dataset of UK's roadside infrastructure
Apr 25, 2019
Savings from smart street lighting mean projects almost pay for themselves
Smart street lighting could save the world's cities $15bn by 2023, says Juniper
Feb 06, 2019
Orange Business Services will provide smart city consultancy for new project outside Riyadh
Al Widyan appoints Orange for smart city master plan
Jan 16, 2019
Successful tests have been carried out in Paris on automated fare collection gates which will be installed in Route 2020
High-tech gates pass test for Dubai Metro extension
Dec 19, 2018
Berg Insight predicts that the growth of sharing schemes will see up to 2.6m scooters on streets
Scooter sharing schemes to grow to 2.6m vehicles by 2023
Dec 18, 2018
Roads & Transport Authority signs MoUs for autonomous transport, digital twin tech and AI
RTA signs three startups for smart solutions
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