Jun 17, 2019
GE Healthcare's regional president and CEO believes that AI will be an integral tool for doctors
AI, 3D printing to revolutionise medicine, says GE Healthcare exec
Jun 16, 2019
Free Wi-Fi program will be developed with Sri Lanka Telecom
Sri Lanka to roll out free Wi-Fi hotspots to over 1,000 schools
Jun 16, 2019
New TAMM journey provides 47 services in social spheres
ADDA launches Social Services journey for TAMM
Jun 10, 2019
FAB and Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority sign MoU to provide pre-paid cards for financial aid payments
First Abu Dhabi Bank and ADSSA to provide social support payments on pre-paid cards
Jun 09, 2019
Program to create global network of smart monitored beehives to get AI analytics support from Microsoft
Smart beehive project joins Microsoft's AI for Good
May 26, 2019
Smart Dubai presents Happiness Agenda to International Conference on Urban Planning and Wellbeing
Smart Dubai delegation shares happiness experience in Bhutan
May 07, 2019
Inclusion Innovation Playbook aims to ensure tech innovators and accelerators don't exclude people with disabilities from smart cities
Smart Cities for All develops tool to bring inclusion to innovation ecosystems
May 05, 2019
App to reduce food waste wins NYU AD's Hackathon for Social Good in the Arab World
App to help reduce grocery store food wastage wins NYU AD hackathon
Apr 30, 2019
Raleigh conducts pilot to ensure its smart city program is accessible to all and reflects commitment to inclusion
SC4A pilots Smart City Digital Inclusion Model
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