Jun 09, 2019
DDC plans to set up 150,000 drone delivery routes, Air Canada Cargo will provide sales and marketing
Air Canada and Drone Delivery Canada Corp sign deal to develop drone network to cover Canada
May 29, 2019
New joint venture, Droniq, will offer beyond line-of-sight drone control platform
DFS and Deutsche Telekom partner for long range drone control
May 28, 2019
DroneSense platform was in use to support drone operations by multiple agencies at US race weekend
DroneSense manages multiple police and fire drones at Indy 500
May 25, 2019
Strategic partnership formed to develop AAVs for last mile delivery
DHL and EHang using aerial drones for deliveries in China
May 23, 2019
AirSense technology will warn drone users if planes or helicopters are on a collision course
May 19, 2019
Abu Dhabi's Drone X Challenge 2020 awards shortlist for Phase I, announces Phase II of freight drone contest
Krypto Labs awards $320,000 R&D grants for drone competiton
Apr 21, 2019
Google sister company Wing launches food delivery service in Canberra
Australia gets world’s first commercial delivery drones
Feb 27, 2019
Sustainability practice will help organisations assess sustainability impact of drones
Falcon Eye Drones launches sustainability practice
Jan 16, 2019
Commercial permits can also be acquired following the completion of a specialised course
Saudi Arabia introduces SR250 permits to fly drones
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