Mar 12, 2019
Cameras at RTA service centres will use facial analysis to assess customer happiness
Dubai's RTA using smart cameras to tell if customers are happy
Dec 13, 2018
MoA signed to develop business opportunities in smart buildings and cities, and CNI protection
AEC and Honeywell to collaborate on smart cities
Dec 01, 2018
New camera built for regional climate, will track vehicles and passengers
Dubai Police to roll out new traffic camera from Zenith Technologies
Nov 06, 2018
VAD adds Finite State's IoT Security Platform to its portfolio
Spire Solutions partners with Finite State to protect IoT
Oct 10, 2018
Open Security & Safety Alliance seeks to create a common standardised platform for security and safety solutions
VIVOTEK, others, establish IP surveillance industry alliance
Sep 20, 2018
Research paper on affordable IoT security wins award from IEEE
AUS team gets IoT award from IEEE
Jul 23, 2018
New solution intended to authenticate medical devices and ensure data integrity
Thales and Device Authority partner to protect healthcare IoT
Jul 04, 2018
Dubai Electronic Security Center to release standards to govern security for self-driving vehicles
Dubai develops cybersecurity standards for autonomous vehicles
Jun 24, 2018
Network Middle East Innovation Awards 2018 held in Dubai on the 2nd of May 2018
Watch: Network Middle East Innovation Awards 2018
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