Jul 02, 2019
CCTV cameras and platforms are adding advanced features to bring capabilities far beyond traditional surveillance to the smart city
Smart CCTV becomes the eyes of the city
Jun 11, 2019
Solution from Vuzix and NNTC provides face recognition technology in smart glasses
UAE security services using smart glasses for surveillance
Jun 11, 2019
China's Vice Minister for Public Security meets Commander in Chief of Dubai Police
Dubai Police shares surveillance and monitoring tech best practices with visiting Chinese delegation
May 22, 2019
Shareholder group will vote on telling Amazon to stop selling facial recognition technology to police
Amazon shareholders vote on ban on selling face recognition to police
May 15, 2019
City leaders votes to ban use of face recognition and control use of new surveillance technology by local government agencies
San Francisco bans facial recognition technology
Nov 07, 2018
Vizsafe platform allows members of the public to become nodes in safety reporting network
Jawraa to bring Vizsafe's crowdsourced public safety system to the GCC
Oct 10, 2018
Open Security & Safety Alliance seeks to create a common standardised platform for security and safety solutions
VIVOTEK, others, establish IP surveillance industry alliance
Jul 31, 2018
Etisalat seeking AI and blockchain startups for next round of Dubai Future Accelerators
Etisalat wants to use AI to detect crime, clear traffic jams
Jul 23, 2018
Australian companies develop mobile system to 'detect and defeat' drone incursions
War on drones goes mobile with Rapid Scout
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