Mar 24, 2019
Traffic Control Centre project aims to expand the coverage of Dubai roads by smart systems from 11% to 60%
RTA reveals progress on new $160m traffic control hub
Jan 16, 2019
Successful tests have been carried out in Paris on automated fare collection gates which will be installed in Route 2020
High-tech gates pass test for Dubai Metro extension
Dec 19, 2018
Berg Insight predicts that the growth of sharing schemes will see up to 2.6m scooters on streets
Scooter sharing schemes to grow to 2.6m vehicles by 2023
Nov 07, 2018
UK academic study suggests new tourist experiences, possible risks from self-driving tourist vehicles
Autonomous vehicles bring opportunities for tourism
Sep 06, 2018
Juniper Research says MaaS will replace 2.3bn urban private car journeys per year by 2023
Mobility-as-a-Service to replace 2.3bn car journeys by 2023
Aug 05, 2018
STMS will use real-time data from DWTC, malls and other venues to provide transport
RTA's new smart system aims to cut taxi queues at major events
Apr 16, 2018
Smart Mobility Platform aims to help local authorities to plan traffic management
Sygic launches navigation app for city management
Mar 03, 2018
Roads & Transport Authority widens scope to 15 new locations to improve pedestrian safety
RTA expands smart pedestrian signals project
Oct 11, 2017
Results of feasibility study for Abu Dhabi almost ready, says HyperloopTT chairman
Abu Dhabi Hyperloop study due soon
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