May 27, 2019
Project tested AI-based predictive healthcare in four Dubai hospitals
Smart Dubai and Dubai Health Authority develop AI PoC
May 26, 2019
Plug-and-play control unit uses sensors from road vehicles to become affordable for mass deployment in aerial transport
Bosch develops universal control unit for flying taxis
May 26, 2019
Battery storage at EUREF will be used to explore how EV batteries can be used intelligently with the power grid More...
Audi opens electric vehicle battery storage research centre
May 26, 2019
Digit robot will work with autonomous vehicle to deliver parcels to the doorstep
Ford and Agility Robotics developing humanoid delivery robot
May 26, 2019
Transport for London will begin collection of depersonalised data from passenger's WiFi connections from July
London to start collecting passenger data to improve the Underground
May 25, 2019
Strategic partnership formed to develop AAVs for last mile delivery
DHL and EHang using aerial drones for deliveries in China
May 24, 2019
Ransomware attack has locked up city systems, employee's PCs and email, for over two weeks
Hackers hold Baltimore city systems to ransom
May 23, 2019
NearSky platform enhancements include ready-to-deploy city solutions
CIMCON launches next generation of NearSky smart city platform
May 23, 2019
Students from HCT used SAS data analytics to analyse traffic incident data
SAS and HCT hold hackathon using real world data from Dubai Pulse
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