Nissan shows new driver tech at CES Asia

Nissan shows driver brainwave sensors and mixed AR 'invisible to visible' displays

Nissan showed it Brain-to-Vehicle tech at CES Asia.
Nissan showed it Brain-to-Vehicle tech at CES Asia.

Nissan has showcased new technologies for connected cars, including driver brain wave sensors, and merged real and virtual displays, at CES 2019.

The company demonstrated ‘Invisible-to-Visible’ AR technology and Brain-to-Vehicle technologies, at the event in Shanghai that concluded on Thursday.

The Invisible-to-Visible technology is intended to help drivers ‘see the invisible’ – even what’s around a corner or behind a building. Combining information from sensors inside and outside the car with data from the cloud, I2V can not only understand what’s happening in the immediate area but also anticipate what’s ahead, helping drivers feel more confident.

This ultimate connected car experience provides guidance that’s delivered in an interactive, human-like way, including avatars that can appear inside the car. Accessing the virtual realm also means there are more ways to communicate.

I2V makes use of several technologies: ProPILOT delivers information about the environment around the vehicle; Omni-Sensing technology provides real-time traffic data; and SAM (Seamless Autonomous Mobility) technology analyzes real-time data about the road environment. The system was recently field tested at Nissan’s proving ground in Yokosuka, Japan, using 5G mobile communications technology.

Nissan's Invisible-to-Visible technology supports drivers with enhanced AR information displays.

The Nissan’s Brain-to-Vehicle (B2V) technology, the world’s first of its kind, interprets the driver’s brain signals to assist with driving.

By anticipating the driver’s reactions, the B2V system can help initiate maneuvers more quickly. It can also learn from the driver and make adjustments to reduce discomfort.

“At Nissan, we always aim to be ahead of the curve,” said Roel De Vries, senior vice president for marketing at Nissan. “We don’t just anticipate future trends and technologies, we define them. We believe technology should solve real-world problems and benefit as many people as possible. This is the idea behind Nissan Intelligent Mobility, our vision for moving people to a better world.”

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