Consumer data sharing platform to launch in UAE

Aiisma platform will allow consumers to share their data and get paid by enterprises in transparent fashion

Aiisma will create a transparent data transaction ecosystem, says Chaudhari.
Aiisma will create a transparent data transaction ecosystem, says Chaudhari.

A new platform to enable consumers to trade their personal data has launched in the UAE.

Aiisma combines proprietary software and hardware solutions, which be used to allow consumers to share their data, and be rewarded for it, while also giving enterprises access to filtered, structured and consensually-collected consumer data.

The ecosystem serves as a data exchange platform, connecting consumers with businesses. This offers organisations an opportunity to request permissioned data in a transactional format, which creates value for the consumer by transforming their data into an asset.

The company says it will be a pioneer data marketplace, which offers transparency and rewards to the consumer, and value to businesses.

The ecosystem, which is currently in beta, is positioned to launch in the UAE alongside the Indian sub-continent launch later this year.

Ankit Chaudhari, founder of Aiisma, along with his co-founder, Nicholas Böhnlein, established Aiisma in 2018 in Las Vegas, USA, followed by its APAC and MENA headquarters in Sharjah, UAE in 2019, with a vision of disrupting the traditional data collection industry or ’Data Colonisation’, as it is referred to by Aiisma.

The company says the platform will address the complexities of following consumer data privacy and protection laws, by giving companies legal access to data, at a fair price, that consumers have given consent to share. Aiisma will ensure consumer retain ownership of their data.

Chaudhari said: “If you had an oil rig, you would not give your oil away for free. So why give your data away without charge when it can be just as valuable? This recognition was part of the motivation to create a transparent data transaction ecosystem between the consumer and the businesses, disrupting dated, traditional data gathering methods.”

The company has also launched a campaign, under the tag “#MyDataMyAsset to raise awareness of consumer data issues.

The Aiisma ecosystem will be launched in Q4 2019 in the UAE and India.

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