Roads and Transport Authority

Jul 01, 2019
PA Consulting is helping cities understand how new models of transport will change the sector
Interview: Transformation in transport
May 23, 2019
Roads & Transport Authority and TATA to launch three month project to monitor driver behaviour
RTA and TATA to conduct driver monitoring in Dubai
May 19, 2019
I-counter terminal provides RTA customer services, plans to instal in 700 taxis
RTA launches new self-service terminal
Mar 24, 2019
Traffic Control Centre project aims to expand the coverage of Dubai roads by smart systems from 11% to 60%
RTA reveals progress on new $160m traffic control hub
Mar 13, 2019
RTA bans scooters after reports of bad behaviour by riders including riding in traffic
e-scooter ban for Dubai
Mar 12, 2019
Cameras at RTA service centres will use facial analysis to assess customer happiness
Dubai's RTA using smart cameras to tell if customers are happy
Feb 21, 2019
Robotic cleaners employed to clean floors at Dubai Metro stations
RTA testing robot cleaners on Dubai Metro
Jan 24, 2019
Roads & Transport Authority gets PPP award from Gulf Traffic Exhibition
RTA wins award for self-driving vehicle code
Jan 16, 2019
Successful tests have been carried out in Paris on automated fare collection gates which will be installed in Route 2020
High-tech gates pass test for Dubai Metro extension
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