Smart beehive project joins Microsoft's AI for Good
Program to create global network of smart monitored beehives to get AI analytics support from Microsoft
Blockchains smart city company buys blockchain device connectivity company
Blockchains LLC, which plans to build a blockchain-based smart city outside of Nevada buys
DFS and Deutsche Telekom partner for long range drone control
New joint venture, Droniq, will offer beyond line-of-sight drone control platform
Audi opens electric vehicle battery storage research centre
Battery storage at EUREF will be used to explore how EV batteries can be used intelligently with the power grid to support sustainable power
German parliament votes to allow e-scooters
Scooters will be allowed on roads in Germany, but riders must keep below 20kph and can't ride on the pavement
Dubai ranked as most expensive city for smart home services
Study shows smart home services from telcos in Dubai cost almost three times those of Moscow or Berlin
Mobile phone data used to predict city air pollution
Study by Teralytics shows how phone data can be used to predict emissions from transport
Huawei and DLR test 5G for autonomous vehicles
5G V2x proves suitability for complex vehicle co-ordination manoeuvres
Bosch researching tech to stop pedestrians getting run over
Driver assistance system will predict collisions and help driver to avoid pedestrians


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