Jul 01, 2019
PA Consulting is helping cities understand how new models of transport will change the sector
Interview: Transformation in transport
Jul 01, 2019
Three Wheels United is using analytics and fintech to help drivers financing electric tuk-tuks, supporting green transport and small businesses
Startup creates electrifying finance for India’s tuk-tuks
Jun 30, 2019
Plan calls for 65% of limos to be hyrbid, 25% electric by 2026
RTA plans to transform 90% of Dubai's limo fleet to 'green' vehicles by 2026
Jun 26, 2019
Google's urban developer unveils plans for $1.3bn smart development on Toronto waterfront
Sidewalk Labs unveils plans for Toronto
Jun 24, 2019
Smart Yard will use automated monitoring of learner drivers in the manoeuvre test phase
Roads & Transport Authority automates driver testing process
Jun 17, 2019
Exhibition organised by BYCS showcases designs that integrate cycling with the urban environment
Bicycle Architecture Biennale opens in Amsterdam
Jun 16, 2019
Nissan shows driver brainwave sensors and mixed AR 'invisible to visible' displays
Nissan shows new driver tech at CES Asia
Jun 16, 2019
Integration will provide more indepth analysis of traffic at intersections
Cisco adds support for Iteris detection solutions to Connected Communities Infrastructure
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